Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sharing Internet over Long Range Wireless Serial Connection 433Mhz

I needed to connect a Raspberry Pi Zero to a Linux Server hosted at my house (1km away). I couldn't use WiFi for problems of signal range, for this reason I opted to connect 2 stations with a Wireless Serial Connection by a cheap SiK Telemetry Radio V2 433Mhz (20$).

To create a Peer to Peer TCP/IP connection I used SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol).


- Connect a USB Telemetry Radio, with dmesg we check the serial port name
  $ dmesg | grep now attached
- Load a SLIP module
  $ sudo modprobe slip
- Install net-tools for slattach tool
  $ sudo apt install net-tools
- Configure SLIP and attach to a serial port
  $ sudo slattach -L -s 57600 -p slip /dev/####Serial_Port_Name
- On another console create a network interface
   $ sudo ifconfig sl0 dstaddr
- [OPT] Sharing internet connection, follow this link.

On Raspberry Pi Zero:

- Connect a Telemetry Radio on Raspberry Pi Zero Board
- Load a SLIP module
  $ sudo modprobe slip
- Configure SLIP and attach to a serial port
  $ sudo slattach -L -s 57600 -p slip /dev/ttyAMA0
- On another console create a network interface
   $ sudo ifconfig sl0 dstaddr
- Test TCP/IP connection
  $ ping

Simple test Video with 2 Ubuntu Machine:


elvio said...

hi. First of all, nice job :)
I can't find the parts anywhere - any advice where I can buy them?
And will the "Air piece" work/connect to a raspberrypi? The video shows an Arduino :)

Thanks a lot.

Emmanuel Granatello said...

This is a 915Mhz Module

This is a 433Mhz Module for Europe

Connect to a raspberrypi

Anonymous said...

Can you advise what speeds you were able to get with this? I've looked into running on VHF frequencies, but the most reliable connections tend to max out at 1.2kbps.

In regards to the distance, were you operating within direct line of sight?


Anonymous said...

I am also curious about the speeds you were able to achieve with this wavelength both locally in LoS and at 1km.


Carlos Piasentini said...

+1 to anonymous questions. I've always wanted to mess around with the VHF spectrum (or lower end of UHF) and tcp/ip communication. But only if the speed is decent.

John Carry said...

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Patric F said...

i tried to build this with the Sik V1 and two PCs.

I mangaged to get wireless terminal connection but unlike a nullmodem it is not working correctly.

When i test with a simply nullmodem cable and a terminal connection, pressing "A" on keyboard a "A" is shown correctly in the remote terminal session.

When i use the Sik V1 connection pressing "A" at the ground module it becomes "O" on the remote system for example.
I thought the wireless connection would be "transparent"?

I tried different baudrates (standard 57600) and different settings on the Sik.
Also tried different terminal programms like putty, hyperterm, gtkterm, etc.

I can also get into the sik settings by pressing "+++" at the ground module . AT shows "OK".
Is there something i could do or is the remote unit maybe broken?

Thank you

Kumar Kumar said...

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