Saturday, October 27, 2012

RaspEcho: Cb Echo Talkback

The main idea is to provide a cheap Echo board based on Raspberry Pi!
A simple CB Echo TalkBack.

System Configuration :) :)

RaspEcho: Cb Echo Talkback

Install gstreamer and copy the follow script in a file

Add execute permission to the file:
"chmod +x"

"sudo ./raspEcho 30000000 0.5 0.5"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

RasParrot: Cheap Simplex Repeater

A Cheap Simplex Repeater A type of system known as a simplex repeater uses a single transceiver and a short-duration voice recorder, which records whatever the receiver picks up for a set length of time (usually 30 seconds or less), then plays back the recording over the transmitter on the same frequency. A common name for them is a "parrot" repeater.
I'm building a system to replace atx2000 with Raspberry Pi.

UPDATE 26 Oct 2016

QParrot (old version)
Just developed a simple app QParrot (using Qt and GStreamer) that implements a mechanism VOX and audio rec/play (a parrot).

First test on Raspberry-Pi

QParrot on Raspberry-Pi

System Configuration Diagram

RasParrot: System configuration diagram

Line level signal to microphone input adapter schema

Now I'm waiting for the sound card usb! I'll put a video on youtube!
Stay tuned!

Follows the video of the hardware to be replaced.