Thursday, December 06, 2012

Arduino Temperature Sensor with an Led Blink

Simple temperature sensor without LCD Display :)
- "External" Sensor (LM35dz)
- In video Led Blink 5 times = 5°C (only temperature > 0)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cheap Bluetooth Module for Arduino

Simple test of Echo-Server based on cheap (5$) Bluetooth module(SKU 00100-002) for Arduino.

More module info:



Sunday, November 11, 2012

Star Trek Game Controller

Simple Snake game with a Funny Star Trek Game Controller :)
I used Arduino + library arduino-tvout to communicate with the Composite Video.
I have developed a simple snake game.


Special Thanks to Chagrin for the video link!

Do You Like The Soundtrack? Download


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Arduino Tv Out

Today I tested an interesting library to manage Composite Video on Arduino (Computing Platform).

The scheme is very simple and inexpensive:

Arduino Uno connection:
Sync--->pin 9
Video--->pin 7


More info:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

RaspEcho: Cb Echo Talkback

The main idea is to provide a cheap Echo board based on Raspberry Pi!
A simple CB Echo TalkBack.

System Configuration :) :)

RaspEcho: Cb Echo Talkback

Install gstreamer and copy the follow script in a file

Add execute permission to the file:
"chmod +x"

"sudo ./raspEcho 30000000 0.5 0.5"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

RasParrot: Cheap Simplex Repeater

A Cheap Simplex Repeater A type of system known as a simplex repeater uses a single transceiver and a short-duration voice recorder, which records whatever the receiver picks up for a set length of time (usually 30 seconds or less), then plays back the recording over the transmitter on the same frequency. A common name for them is a "parrot" repeater.
I'm building a system to replace atx2000 with Raspberry Pi.

UPDATE 26 Oct 2016

QParrot (old version)
Just developed a simple app QParrot (using Qt and GStreamer) that implements a mechanism VOX and audio rec/play (a parrot).

First test on Raspberry-Pi

QParrot on Raspberry-Pi

System Configuration Diagram

RasParrot: System configuration diagram

Line level signal to microphone input adapter schema

Now I'm waiting for the sound card usb! I'll put a video on youtube!
Stay tuned!

Follows the video of the hardware to be replaced.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

GStreamer on Raspberry-Pi

Gstreamer on Raspberry-Pi
Inserito originariamente da Emmanuel Granatello

Testing Gstreamer Framework on Raspberry-Pi (via VNC server)

VNC client (n9 - Presence)

Webcam Trust - (work only at 320x240)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Long Range Wireless Sensor

Arduino + Pmr446 + RTTY = Long Range Wireless Sensor


This is a simple project for remoted sensors.

Components used:
Software Rx:

Step by step
  1. Prepare a new sketch for Arduino to read the sensor LM35DZ follow this tutorial
  2. Donwload&Configure Arduino IDE with RTTY Library
  3. The library RTTY is configured to be used with the components RADIOMETRIX TX2 ... this library can not be used out of the box ... you must change to make it generate audio tones (contact me if you have problems)
  4. Modify the sketch to send sensor data via RTTY
  5. Connect components to arduino as shown in the diagrams

Demo Sketch

  1. #include <RTTY.h>
  3. float tempC;
  4. int tempPin = 0;
  5. char buffer [50];
  7. void setup()
  8. {
  9.   /*
  10.     My Library RTTY accepts
  11.     a single parameter in the
  12.     constructor (output audio tone)
  13.   */
  14.   RTTY.attach(8);
  15. }
  17. void loop()
  18. {
  19.   tempC = analogRead(tempPin);
  20.   tempC = (5.0 * tempC * 100.0)/1024.0;
  22.   RTTY.tx(" Remote Temperature Sensor ");
  23.   dtostrf(tempC, 2, 2, buffer);
  24.   RTTY.tx(buffer);
  25.   RTTY.tx("c\n");
  26. }


Arduino + Pmr + RTTY = Remote Temperature Sensor


Remote Temperatore Sensor
Remote Temperatore Sensor
Remote Temperatore Sensor
Remote Temperatore Sensor
Remote Temperatore Sensor

Video receiving data

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Arduino Band (Funny)

A Moments of madness! :)
For my girlfriend Francesca <3 , happy birthday to you :)


Arduino Band

Arduino Band

Arduino Band

Arduino Band

Arduino Band

‎"Quando faccio una Hack e mi viene una meza schifezza la converto in Sound che qualcosa di buono sicuro ci esce. Poi siccome la gente non capisce un cazzo vi dirà che è bella, è artistica, è riuscita a congelare la vera anima del momento. E vi chiamerà a Suonare ia matrimoni." Ludwig van Beethoven in "Gente che ascolta i tienielli!" (1826)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Raspberry-Pi Micro Webcam

I do not have any Raspberry-Pi, and I hope to get it as soon as possible :). In my free time I'm looking for interesting projects.

Currently, one of my main project is about sending jpeg via RTTY (over Fm radio).
I order to keep low the price of the prototype, I'm looking for a micro webcam to capture images jpeg.

Finally I found one that is right for me!
808 Car Key Micro Camera ~10$

There are various versions, and a reviewer (#3) recommend it
Ebay link 

If you want to know more, go to this link: 808 Car Keys Micro Camera
Here some tips to make sure that the camera is recognized as a webcam.

I didn't checked if Rasbian contains gspca_spca1528 v4l2 kernel module yet!
I hope that it works on Raspberry-Pi :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chinese Characters over RTTY

QMinimodem - a simple minimodem Qt frontend. QDataStream over RTTY connection

QMinimodem - hardware configuration :) QMinimodem - shardware configuration

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arduino RTTY

RTTY Simple Test:
* Arduino Uno *
- Temperature Sensor - lm35dz
- MMC card readre for Data Loggers
- 8 ohm small speaker
- RTTY config:
* Carrier Shift: 182
* Baud Rate: 50
* Bits per character: 7(ascii)

* PC *
- EEEPC 901
- LUbuntu
- fldigi (RTTY Decoder)
- built-in microphone

Video using FLDIGI sw Decoder:

fldigi - digital modem program for hamradio operators

Video using Minimodem sw Decoder:

minimodem - software audio Bell-type or RTTY FSK modem for GNU/Linux systems minimodem is a command-line program which generates (or decodes) audio modem tones, emulating an old Bell-type or radio-teletype FSK modem. The tones can be played to (or recorded from) the PulseAudio system or to an audio file.

minimodem can be used to transfer data between nearby computers using an audio cable (or just via sound waves), or between remote computers using radio, telephone, or another audio communications medium.


Testing Arudino RTTY

Testing Arudino RTTY

Testing Arudino RTTY

Testing Arudino RTTY

Monday, February 06, 2012


My first Qt Project submitted on Gitorius.

Simple weather tray icon, with a plugin architecture.
... clone it on Gitorius Repository

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Ma dici a me?"

"Ma dici a me?"
Inserito originariamente da Emmanuel Granatello

Tramite Flickr:
Analog Camera: Olympus OM2-SP 35mm
Lens: 50mm ZUIKO f1.4
Film: 100Asa